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Beard Balm - Sandalwood & Lavender


After using what felt like hundreds of different beard products (oils, balms, waxes, etc.) over the past 10 years, I became exhausted of spending money on diluted products that left me with irritated skin and dry, itchy beard. As part of a holistic lifestyle, I became obsessed with researching the health effects of natural and essential oils to find the perfect combination of nourishment my skin and hair needed. I sought the perfect combination of oils that wouldn't irritate my sensitive skin, clog pores, or produce ingrown hairs. After tireless trials, I perfected 3 unique natural and organic blends. These 3 unique blends have improved the overall health and appearance of my skin and finally offered natural relief to my wiry, coarse and curly facial hair. Healthy Beard Oil blends promote healthy,full, envious beards while also caring for the skin underneath and around the hair.

Beard Balm - Sandalwood & Lavender


Beard Balm - Sandalwood & Lavender


Are you looking to style, shape, condition and make your beard smell intoxicating? Healthy Beard Balm will do all 4 with 100% organic ingredients.

The shea butter and beeswax will transform that patchy/thin beard into a lovely full beard that you can be proud of.

Our ingredients will also help to protect your dry, itchy and sensitive skin.

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